Saturday, February 13, 2010

Connect Dvd Player To Proscan Tv Is A Bluray Player A Waste If One Doesn't Yet Have An HD TV?

Is a bluray player a waste if one doesn't yet have an HD TV? - connect dvd player to proscan tv

At the moment I have a Proscan 27 "CRT TV (Proscan was / is the luxury brand of RCA). I found agreement on a Sony Blu-Ray player and will eventually upgrade my TV to an HDTV, but my question is if I have a BluRay drive connects to a standard definition TV picture quality is worse than if I had plugged in my DVD player I guess I wonder whether the Blu-Ray player and transmit in any manner HD 1080p signal processor overload my standard definition TV and make the images look like crap.

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Anonymous said...

In short, with a Blu-ray with a non-HD TV is like buying a Lamborghini charged only allowed to limit the speed at which a subdivision going .... more than a few humps.
... The Blu-ray and) has two basic characteristics, including: 1080p resolution and is more likely (depending on the film of the production. If you get a BluRay, and to coincide with a Proscan TV, you will not improve the picture. Not overwhelm the picture "on the TV. On High Def pictures really add lines of resolution than standard TV will not be collected, but HD TV. Most players from Sony are equipped with a standard video output (composite) with non-connected HD television. At least you can see some additional features, see StudIOS, working with its Blu-ray. Most Blu-ray HP also play standard DVDs.

AM said...

I do not enjoy the situation, the best picture quality - it is one of the main features. Prices continue to fall - if it is an "agreement" today - a normal price of tomorrow. $ 500 BD player a year ago to $ 200 today fell.
I suggest that this cheapening of Christmas-screen high-definition (so large as you can afford it) - and then go into the drive. Get at least 42 "- 27" screen, it would be difficult to see the difference between DVD and BD, although the screen is high definition.

gp4rts said...

The Blu-ray is used by regular TV (480i) and the image will not be worse than a normal DVD. It may be better.

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